Learn how to translate data into business value and marketing decisions.

Data skills for marketing.

“Two years ago, I was let go from a company I loved because I wasn’t analytical and excel-savvy enough. Today, I run marketing for a company where I’m also their unofficial resident excel and analytics expert.
AnalyticalMarketer.io was the main reason I was able to change from an honestly ineffective “idea” guy to a data-driven and effective marketing problem solver.”

Rustin Nethercott Marketing Manager at GRIT

“I have always believed that I lacked the quantitative skills to become effective with marketing analytics. AnalyticalMarketer.io changed this belief and has allowed me to do something I previously thought was impossible – teach myself analytics and become more effective, useful, and respected.

The content from AnalyticalMarketer.io is hands down the most helpful and actionable content on the topic of marketing analytics that I have read and honestly rivals the best content in any topic out there. Martin takes out the usual blog-fluff rampant in most marketing content, leaving only clear, concise, and actionable information.”

Stephanie MillerDigital Marketer at BOL
Data Analysis for Marketers is a gold mine for serious marketers.
This course is a must for anyone in the digital marketing world that wants to go deep into how CMOs and businesses evaluate marketing. You will be equipped with the right tools & mindset to ride into the data-driven marketing world.
No mumbo-jumbo, just spreadsheet skills, maths and gusto!”
George ChalikiopoulosPerformance Marketer at SLEED

Martin’s course is a go-to if you want to learn how to drive real business decisions with the data rather than learn theoretical statistical concepts. You will learn how to find answers to business questions today, now. Remarkably, you will be armed with plug-and-play guides that cover most marketing challenges – from marketing budget allocation to sales forecasting and building data-driven personas.”

Liza ChukreevaMarketing Analyst at HYGH AG

Data Analysis for Marketers is one of the best courses on analytics I’ve ever consumed. Not only it is straight-to-the-point and cuts the fluff but the overall experience is simply excellent. We have used the customer insights frameworks learned in the course and to this day, our client is still impressed. I was not surprised to learn that Martin is a Googler with extensive hands on experience in the field.  Thanks Martin.”

Nelio LeoneCEO & Founder Urban Monks

“What I loved most was Martin’s clarity of thought and step by step explanations on each topic. But by far the most important takeaway for me is how to think about marketing goals and using data for better business decisions. I have made Martin’s Google Sheets course compulsory reading for my team!”

Nityanand Rai Digital Marketing Lead at ZEISS