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Google Sheets for Marketers

“I think any marketer in this age should have a modicum of understating of data”

I read the above quote in a well known marketing community and it’s something I hear a lot.

You know what it takes to stand out as a marketer. You have read through the forums, blog posts and threads. They all agree that a basic understanding of marketing data analysis is a core competency every marketer has to have nowadays.

It seems like the whole market is moving towards data analysis – which makes sense as it is often the least debatable thing in a work environment where everybody thinks they have the best ideas or opinion…

You want to work towards improving your marketing analysis skills but you don’t know where to start. Even though the advice is to learn some analytical skills –  it always remains vague…

What exactly should you learn?

What is actually essential and useful in a marketing context?

It seems like there are a lot of buzzwords out there (AI, machine learning, etc.) without a lot of concrete guides and resources…

And even if you had the resources you just don’t have the time for it: Who wants to learn coding, complicated data models, advanced math and more for several weeks before having the ability to pull even simple insights?

“…impossible to find more detail-oriented and precise guides for marketers…”

I have to say that it would be impossible to find more detail-oriented and precise guides for marketers than the ones you wrote. I admit it wasn’t too easy to follow, especially when it came to formulas (it’s really everybody’s weakness, mine included), but overall the format really helped going forward.


Lino LacalandraDigital Marketer, Freelancer

So, wouldn’t it be great to learn Google Sheets in a way that it would actually be useful in a marketing environment?


  • You would learn exactly those Google Sheets skills that get you ahead and let you stand out as a marketer.
  • You would learn only those things you need – without wasting time on non-essential stuff.
  • You could draw actionable insights from data to recommend next steps for the business.
  • You would get specific use cases for how to use the learned formulas and functions.

And, while you’re imagining that lovely scenario… What if you could learn Google Sheets formulas and functions in a way where they are used as tools rather than being learning goals on their own…

A free 5 lesson Google Sheets course for marketers

I designed Google Sheets for Marketers from the ground up to help you get most out of the time you invest in the course. The course itself is based on real life marketing case examples to make it as hands on and practicable as possible.

You’ll analyze and report the performance of different marketing channels of an ecommerce store and finally create a marketing plan as well as an automatically updating reporting dashboard. All is done via step-by-step guides and ready to use templates.

It is designed to understand and learn…

  • the most important Google Sheets formulas & functions (incl. Pivot Tables) for marketers.
  • how to communicate data insights with charts.
  • how to build simple dashboards to report data from your marketing channels.
In less than a couple of hours you will have a solid  foundation in future proof Google Sheets skills – without wasting time researching what and where you should learn.