Google Sheets for Marketers FREE

Best For: Marketers who want to learn the basics of Google Sheets in marketing analysis

Analyze and report the performance of different marketing channels, create a marketing plan as well as an automatically updating reporting dashboard. All is done via step-by-step guides and ready to use templates.

  • the most important Google Sheets formulas & functions (incl. Pivot Tables) for marketers.
  • how to communicate data insights with charts.
  • how to build simple dashboards to report data from your marketing channels.

Data Analysis for Marketers

Best For: Marketers who want to become more effective by turning data into actionable insights.

Learn how to use spreadsheets, applied stats and data analysis to turn data into actionable insights and business recommendations. This course is right for you, if:

  • You are drowning in data but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to have the power to look at your companies’ data and translate it into the next steps for the business.
  • You want to develop a future-proof analytical skillset for new career opportunities.