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How to transition into data analysis

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to break into data analysis. Or, more specifically: How do you make the transition into data analysis, especially when you do not have a formal technical background?

GA Performance Reporting Dashboard

This is the last lesson from my Google Sheets for Marketers mini-course. In this lesson you’ll build an automatically updating reporting dashboard connected to your Google Analytics account. Importing Google Analytics Data into Sheets will allow you some more flexibility for your data analysis and reporting (compared to viewing the data directly in Google Analytics). […]

Google Sheets formulas for analyzing marketing data

This is the second lesson from the Google Sheets for Marketers mini course. In this lesson I’ll walk you through the most important Google Sheets formulas for analyzing marketing data as well as some useful functions such as conditional formatting and filters. You’ll even build a small tool for comparing performance metrics for different advertising […]

Google Sheets pivot tables for marketing data

Pivot tables are one of the easiest and quickest tools to analyze marketing data and to draw some first actionable insights. As such they shouldn’t be missing in the basic skill set of every marketer. This is an introductory session to pivot tables.  What you’ll learn in this lesson: Basics of pivot tables, different aggregation […]

A Sales Forecast Template for Google Sheets

With the new year ahead many marketers and analysts will be tasked with creating a marketing plan for the year. Imagine you are one of those and are asked to present the plan next week. Sooner or later during the preparation you will have to address one major pain point usually every analyst or data […]